Installing FileMaker Server 14 on Windows Server 2012 R2 without Internet Access

Discussion created by tm9 on Jun 4, 2015
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I had quite the experience attempting to install FM Server 14 on a server with intranet. I went back and forth with FM Support on the issue. Eventually with a combination of their suggestions and searching Microsoft Support sites I was able to arrive at something that worked. I believe the various versions available for these extensions was causing the issue.


  1. Install Web Server IIS on the virtual server
  2. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable
  3. Change http://localhost/ from port 80 to a different port – I did this using IIS Manager. This change opened up port 80 for FileMaker Server to use when it is installed.
  4. Stop the 3 IIS services using Server Manager and IIS Manager
  5. Install IIS Extensions (Because the virtual instance does not have access to the internet the following extensions must be manually installed in the following order. This step is very important! If done out of order or with the wrong versions the FileMaker Server installer will not complete installation when attempted. These can be downloaded from Microsoft Support pages. They require the exact versions.
    1. Install URL Rewrite (v2)
    2. Install Web Farm Framework (v1)
    3. Install ARR (v3)
    4. Install External Cache Module (v1)
  6. Start IIS server by starting the 3 services
  7. Run the FileMaker Installer


Thought I would share for anyone else who may be interested!