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    IOS keyboard menu?


      I'm working on a layout for an iPad in FIleMaker 14.  When the user enters a field and the iPad keyboard opens there is a one line menu above the keyboard that lets the user change field, records and add and delete records.  Is there a way to hide this menu line?  It isn't there when I open the same DB in FM Go 13.


      I have noticed that this menu line sometimes gets left behind when the keyboard closes.  Sometimes in the middle of the screen and other times at the bottom.  I don't want the user to have these functions and I don't want the menu hanging around after the keyboard has closed.




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          Show/Hide toolbars ( include edit record toolbar ) Hide.

          This is a new option added to the script step in 14.

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            Thanks.   Lots of new stuff. 

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              There are a number of issues with the toolbar in FMGO 14. I think the changes made with the toolbar were not well thought out and poorly implemented.

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                But what is the solution if you don't have Filemaker 14 but Filemaker 13 and want your solution to work both on FMGo 13 and FMGo 14 ?


                I think the toolbar on the keyboard is just a terrible idea anyway. This should be hidden by default.


                So now am I forced to buy Filemaker 14 just to disable this or is there a way hide it using Filemaker 13 ?

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                  There are visual glitches associated with "include edit record toolbar."  You will often get a blank space popping up from the bottom of the device.  As though the keyboard were popping up- but it's just blank white space.  This has been reported on the bugs forum.  In my own experience this will always happen if entering a field with a pop up.  Basically I've had to leave the toolbar and disable its commands via custom menus.

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                    I believe this issue has been resolved in the latest FileMaker Go update.

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                      Markus Schneider

                      Thank You very much for this! I installed iOS9 just yesterday and was disapointed because I lost space for 'texting'..


                      The new part of the keyboard with cut/paste (etc) just eats way too much space, even on an iPad. We are using the iPads as productivity tools, we _w_r_i_t_e_ text, lot of text, no external keyboard, no pen (Yes, it works fine!).


                      That new bar is IMHO nothing but useless because one doesn't need that all the time - don't wast space for something like that (btw I desperately need arrow keys, not format keys...)


                      We can now get rid of the inserting-tools-bar - but: is there a way to get rid of those iOS toolbars? Maybe another keyboard? I did some tests with other keyboards after iOS8 came out - but no one was better than the standard one (my oponion, I know there are people around who love the other keyboard types, no offend!)

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                        Markus, you can create your own arrow keys.  Use the following script step and attach it to a button on the iPad layout.


                        Set Selection[Start Position: Get (ActiveSelectionStart) + 1] This will move you one space to the right.  Use a -1 to move back a space to the left.  I use one script with script parameters to determine what direction I want to go.


                        The script will work in any field that you are in without having to specify the field.

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                          Markus Schneider

                          Thank You! Works inside FileMaker


                          I would prefer a more general method - arrow keys are worth a kingdom (if You are working in a train, as an example.. it will often 'nudge' and one will type an inch to the right/left...)

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                            I have been probably screaming more that anybody about the poorly thought out toolbar on the keyboard but I have come across one thing that might be helpful.  You can use custom menus to rename the Add Record and Delete Record on this toolbar and you can attach the menu item to a script.  So you could have an option called Cursor Right that replaces Add Record and Cursor Left that replaces Delete Record.  You can also customize the Duplicate record to add something like a Tab by using Char (9).  Not sure why after all of these years the arrow keys have not been added to the standard apple keyboard.

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                              Can you tell me how to rename the Add Record menu of the edit toolbar ?

                              I can not find this item in the custom menu section.


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                                I believe this is tied into the New Records under Records on the menubar. Change this in the custom menus and it will change it on the toolbar.

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                                  Thanks a lot. That's a great find.

                                  Can we change the icon of that button ? I could not find a way.

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                                    I don't think you can change the icons or at least I have not found a way.


                                    Roy Gordon


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