Offsite back up service wants to close files on server and then back them up

Discussion created by sprosser on Jun 4, 2015
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A third-party backup service hired by one of my clients says it's taking his servers 9+ hours to copy a single backup of the Client's database and remote container storage folder. He says their software finds the most recent folder, and backs it up, but says that the complexity of the tree structure makes the process inefficient.


He wants his software to enter the terminal commands to stop the databases, take a VSS snapshot, then open the databases back up and copy on the snapshot instead of making copies of FileMaker's backups. I'm steeped enough in best practices to resist this, but am willing to allow it if one of you experts have done it with no problems. I'm not familiar with the Windows snapshot, and have no idea if this will create a safe backup for them to use. I would suppose that programmatically stopping the files should be safe enough, but I'm just not convinced about his analysis of why the backups are taking so long or if this is safe for the databases.


Anybody have any experience with either running fmsadmin terminal commands to close databases with a batch file and/or with using a VSS as a backup? I suggested that we use Windows Task Manager to just move a set of files for him to grab, or that we make a separate nightly backup that keeps only a single copy of the file and remote containers, but he doesn't think either of those solutions will be fast enough for his liking.