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    SHA-1 Digests


      Does FMI provide a listing of SHA-1 digests to allow us to verify the authenticity of the downloaded file? I have searched both the community and knowledge base, and I am not able to find anything. As such, I am assuming that the answer is no, but maybe there is some listing in a location I haven't searched. If no listing exists, perhaps someone at FMI could explain why not?


      I am also wondering if/which developers in the FM community are publishing SHA-1 digests for the downloads of their plugins, solutions, etc., and why or why not.

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          Hi Adam


          I'm not sure to understand what you want SHA-1 digestion for.


          We use SHA-1 digests for electronic invoicing in Mexico. Here we digitally sign a text string that contains the invoice info and build a XML file, which we send to the Mexican tax authority, via SOAP.


          I can't see where else we could authenticity. Can you elaborate?.