What to consider when upgrading FileMaker Pro/Server 12/13 to 14?

Discussion created by CarstenLevin on Jun 4, 2015
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Hi everybody, especially you who are using FileMaker 12/13 and have or are considering upgrading to 14 from 12 and 13.


So I am not focussing on conversion issues from fp7 to fmp12 but only on the question: Issues when going from 12/13 to 14. And let's avoid the connection discussion when going from 12 to 13/14, that's a license issue, not a technical issue.


  • Problems or considerations with the server
  • Problems or considerations with FIleMaker Pro/Advanced
  • Problems or considerations with FileMaker Go
  • Problems or considerations with WebDirect
  • Problems or considerations with CWP


At the moment we are running only 5 FileMaker 14 servers, two at our own office and 3 at our customers. We have had no problems so far, but one of the servers is our own internal administrative server and the other 4 only has one solution each. I would really like go gather all information and have it shared among the other server responsibles ... thus this tread.


FileMaker Server 14 Technical Specifications | FileMaker

Product documentation

Any suggestions for other documentation or white papers?


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