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Why would LayoutObjectNames return an empty string in 14?

Question asked by chivalry on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by danshockley

I'm seeing some very strange behavior with FileMaker 14. I'm using `LayoutObjectNames` for some required functionality. On the development system it's working fine. It returns the list of named objects on the layout.


I close the file, zip it up and send it to the client, and that required functionality isn't working. He sends the file back and I open it and get a data viewer up. The function returns nothing. I go into layout mode and confirm that there are named objects on the layout.


The first time this happened and I tried recovering the file. In the recovered file it worked, so I assumed some corruption had happened on his end. I told him to trash the file I had given him and work with a new version I supplied. The problem came up again.


This morning he sent me the oldest version that the problem manifested in. I confirmed the problem, tried recovering it again, but this time it didn't fix the problem.


I'm at a loss. It works in the version I send him, doesn't on his system. We're both using FileMaker 14, although I'm using Advanced. My next step will be to work from a served file instead of a local one, but I have never seen this type of behavior in FileMaker. Has anyone seen anything similar? Any ideas on a fix? I'm almost ready to just scrap the file and build it again from scratch since we're not too far into the project.