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    Newbie and Scriptmaker examples?


      Hi Folks.



      I've yet to have time to work with FM yet, and I'm going to do so as soon as possible, but I do have one more question.


      I asked awhile back and someone wonderful told me that FM has something called Scriptmaker to script with obviously. Are there any examples of the code or syntax around on this forum to look at? Is it like pascal or basic or? Just wondering.. Maybe I don't understand as whoever was so nice to answer the original question told me you pick steps in scriptmaker to write scripts? It almost sounded like a macro to me, but I'm not sure at all, hence the reason for this question.

      Also, what are the limits on using FM or FM Pro as a tool on a server? I mean, how many connections are allowed on each solution? I realize there is a FM server, but if you only have a few users (the solution I'm considering selling would have less than 10, and usually 1 to 3 about 95% of the time).


      Regards and thanks so much. Great forum here.


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          hoosierdaddy wrote:

          Are there any examples of the code or syntax around on this forum to look at? Is it like pascal or basic or? Just wondering.

          Did you already install FileMaker? Then open one of the included “Starter Solutions” files to see what a script looks like.


          If you've experience with other languages, note that the script steps are like statements, and that the access to the calculation engine (functions, your own data) let's you calculate the results to query, process and write.

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            It's not called scriptmaker anymore. Just naming change, there, but also the whole interface for creating scripts just changed very recently with FM14, so be prepared that it won't look exactly like what your friend was referring to.


            You could answer the bulk of your questions about scripting much more quickly and easily just by looking. Open FileMaker, create or open a file (you can use a demo file for this) and go to File->Manage->Scripts. Much of what you're asking will be answered by looking at the interface, even before you click anything.


            Scripting in FM isn't so much a language as a utility. I'm not sure what you mean by "like a macro".


            Regarding number of connections, server, etc., you'll do well to look up the products on www.filemaker.com, and read their descriptions and tech specs. You should look at both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server.


            hoosierdaddy wrote:


            I've yet to have time to work with FM yet, and I'm going to do so as soon as possible, but I do have one more question.


            Generally, I believe that if you open FM and just kick the tires, you could learn more in the time it took you to write this post than you're likely to get from responses (including mine). Very quickly, your questions will become more specific and hence the answers you get will be more useful.


            Chris Cain


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              Hi, I did install it, but it was on an old computer. I'm wanting to try it on a faster machine. Windows OS 7 ultimate with a SS drive, loads of ram, etc, since I'll be using it on that if I decide that's the tool to use for a couple solutions I want to write / sell. I'm also looking at SQL server, etc, etc,. as well as tools for a FE for SQL server, etc,.

              The thing that really intrigues me about FM is that I can get the GoPro extensions or whatever they are called to use with IOS as many people I may be developing for will also be using Ipads, Iphones, etc,.

              Thanks so much for such a quick reply. I really appreciate it.

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                Welcome !


                A filemaker solution has 2 things:


                1) data

                2) interface allowing you to do things to data.

                usually 1) is divided in data and more data. More data is often a formula based upon data, ie.e calculation fields. This is the engine running, once you turn the key on ignition, it starts to work without any further contribution from the user.

                2) is another realm, not doing anything but waiting for events to happen. A button click, leaving a field, opening a window are examples of events that have to be taken care of, and common sense associates scripts to this.

                In the beginning, scripts look like quite Pascal-ish : there's no "go to", you can deliver and get parameters etc, but that's only scratching the surface.

                IMHO you should generate example databases ("New from starter solution") and look at the scripts, to get an idea.

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                  Hi Chris.

                  Yeah, thank you. I appreciate the answers. I have not used FM yet as I don't want to use it on my mac book pro which is what I use for music recording, etc, and I have a slow windows machine I'm writing you with now that I only use for the web and email mostly. My fast Windows 7 machine isn't with me and that's the machine I'm going to try FM pro with and then I'll dive in like a man with a mission so to speak. I love db work and designing the same, but I also have to worry about reports, etc, and generating excel spreadsheets potentially, etc, and so therefore I'm looking at a few products. If it were up to me, I'd only develop on Mac products for the most part, but most of the people / small business I'll be doing work for almost always have Windows OS's / Office, etc, but some also have IOS devices such as phones, etc, so it's very difficult to find the right tool that will satisfy all needs.


                  FM so far from what I can tell has the best all around uses, but it it's something I just have to play with to insure I like it and can develop with it in a way that allows me to do so quickly and robustly for clients,


                  Thanks again for the reply and speedy answers. I really appreciate it.


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                    Thank you so much. I'll for sure download the trial version on the Windows Machine. I was going to use my Mac Book Pro, but thought the better of it later.


                    Thanks so much.


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                      I would encourage you to also download FM onto your MacBook. The application is not very larger (<800mb) and the MB is with you all the time whereas your other machine apparently is not, and that is really handy when you get curious, like now. Obviously there are some differences between Mac and Win versions, but the fundamentals are the same; the extra time spent playing around inside FM will not be wasted.