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Newbie and Scriptmaker examples?

Question asked by hoosierdaddy on Jun 5, 2015
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Hi Folks.



I've yet to have time to work with FM yet, and I'm going to do so as soon as possible, but I do have one more question.


I asked awhile back and someone wonderful told me that FM has something called Scriptmaker to script with obviously. Are there any examples of the code or syntax around on this forum to look at? Is it like pascal or basic or? Just wondering.. Maybe I don't understand as whoever was so nice to answer the original question told me you pick steps in scriptmaker to write scripts? It almost sounded like a macro to me, but I'm not sure at all, hence the reason for this question.

Also, what are the limits on using FM or FM Pro as a tool on a server? I mean, how many connections are allowed on each solution? I realize there is a FM server, but if you only have a few users (the solution I'm considering selling would have less than 10, and usually 1 to 3 about 95% of the time).


Regards and thanks so much. Great forum here.