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New dell laptop not rendering FMP14 properly.  Why?

Question asked by user19174 on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by Benjamin Fehr

Hi All,


I just got a new laptop Dell Xps13 with the 3200x1800 screen.  Filemaker doesnt seem to like it.  It will open but does not render the layouts properly and there are all these weird white blocks all over the screen.  The white blocks move around as you click through a solution.  I have done a getdesktop width and height and filemaker seems to think that it is 1280x720.  I have tried adjusting screen resolution, but that did not solve the issue.


Below is a screenshot of from the starter solution that shows the white block issue.  All other programs seem to work as expected.


Any thoughts on what is causing this?  I really like the rest of the laptop, but this would be a deal breaker if I can't solve it.