FMI Software Engineers Condemned to Perdition

Discussion created by richardsrussell on Jun 6, 2015

You know how fun it is to fiddle with spiffy new features like the button bar or navigation part, or earlier with styles and popovers? Well, I'm pretty sure that FMI's software engineers who worked on those features felt the same way about creating them. It's new, it's exciting, it's cutting-edge, it gives me a chance to express my creativity.


OTOH, do you dread, as I do, the need to roll up your sleeves and get down in the muck of actual customer data — nothing to do with structures or interfaces or designs or procedures but instead simply the humdrum tedium of moving text and numbers around, cleaning up poorly formatted input, searching for duplicate records, etc.? Codd save us from such mundane boredom, however necessary.


And I imagine it must be like that for FMI's software engineers as well. I can envision the conversation .....


Team Leader: Sally, upper management has decided that we're finally going to tackle the task of putting the "Custom" in "Custom Dialog Box", and I want you to work on it.


Engineer: Me!!?? Why me!!??? I've been good! Wasn't I one of the few people willing to work on end-user documentation for the glitzy new features in our latest release? Hasn't that earned me a break?


Team Leader: I know, I know, it's a filthy job, but someone's gotta do it, and the boss is right: our customers have been asking for it for the last 15 years.


Engineer: But chief, you know that I've been just dying to get my feet wet with the new teleportation feature we've got planned for Version 18. Couldn't you put me on that instead of something that's already got moss growing on it?


Team Leader: Let me incentivize you, Sally. Head on down to the cellar, see if you can find the original documentation on how we implemented custom dialogs in the first place, scrape the barnacles off of it, see if you recognize any of the names of the other engineers who worked on it, and if any of them still work here, I'll foist this one off on them, and then I'll assign you to the TP team. OK?


Engineer: Thanks, chief, you're a peach.