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Census database

Question asked by annoici on Jun 8, 2015
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My first question here.


The Irish census of 1901 and 1911 are both online. I have created two small databases of my local area which have 810 and 729 entries respectively.


I then thought it would be interesting to try and track people who may have been recorded on both censuses. This is, alas, not just a question of adding ten years to 1901 as people were sometimes unaware of their birth date, sometime lied. In fact one woman was one year younger in 1911 than 1901.


Obviously I have a primary key for each census. Currently this is just 1 to 810 and 1 to 729 in each case. My conundrum is how do I create a satisfactory key for people I discover to be present in both censuses? I guess something akin to a social security number which would be constant throughout ones life. I did think that I might be able to use the UID function but I was unable to get it to work as required.


Any suggestions welcomed.