FMS14 in Production?

Discussion created by kmtenor on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by c0nsilience

How many people are running FMS 14 in a production environment right now?  I've gone through the forums, and not found a whole lot of complaining, but neither have a found a bunch of people saying they're excited to be on the new version.


We are experiencing what can only be described as "sync" issues with our current (FMS server, and are contemplating whether we should go all the way to 14, or if we should simply "Get Current" with 13.  We would like to begin developing in 14 soon, to take advantage of some of the features there, and have already moved several of our users to the 14 client.


We run in a WAN environment, with clients running from 12 different subnets.  The issues we're seeing right now:


1. A record changed on one workstation will never update on the other workstations.  It's almost as though the other workstations are caching the old data and not giving it up.  Use of a "Refresh Window" script step does not help, even with "Flush cached join results" and "Flush cached external data" selected.  In fact, when this issue is presenting, the screen will show the old record data, and portal filters will operate based on the data that is current on the server.


2. A layout changed on one workstation will update on some but not all other workstations.


3. Users are not properly logged out of the server after disconnect, resulting in long lists of the same user being logged in to the server at the same time.


Obviously, we will do some compatibility testing of our own, but our hope is that FMS14 would bundle together all of the changes from 13.0.3 to 13.0.9, and give us the added benefits that come with FMS14.


Thanks in advance for opinions and advice.