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FMPA 13/14 Invoices Starter Solution Issue: PDF Invoice Blank in Adobe

Question asked by dmb_fmp on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by disabled_jackrodgers

Regarding the FMPA 13 & 14 "Invoices" starter solutions, I've had trouble with invoices I save as PDFs. When opening the saved PDFs, they appear blank on all of the Adobe applications with which I've tried viewing them. They appear normal using other PDF viewers, such as Apple's Preview and Windows 8 Reader...just not on the Adobe viewers I've tried (being Acrobat 9, 10; Reader 10, DC on Mac -- Reader DC on Windows 8). Does anyone know why this is happening &/or how to fix it?


Attached is an FMPA 14 "Invoice" starter solution that I've altered in no way other than to create a sample invoice also attached. If you select the sample invoice, then click the "Print Invoice" button on the top right, and then select "Save as PDF" while in preview mode, what happens when you try to view the resulting invoice.pdf with an Adobe viewer?