Beware about Esc key on custom dialog (Windows only)

Discussion created by Fred(CH) on Jun 8, 2015
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I just wanted to share an important information with you.


It is not a "fresh scoop", because it is true since -at least- v11, but after 7 years working with FileMaker (it was with v9), i just realized it this morning and it is an horrible one. So it is very possible that you missed it too :

On Windows OS only, when a dialog created by the Show Custom Dialog step is displayed, [ESC] key act as [ENTER] key. In other words, both are invoking the default button.

Suppose a such dialog :

"Are you sure to empty trash ?"

[Cancel] [OK]

[ESC] key, as well as [Enter] key, will return 1 with Get ( LastDialogChoice ) cal function.

This morning, one of my user lost all his entries by pressing ESC two times, a bit stressed, validating two warnings without seeing them.