FMS 14 with Thawte SSL Certificate and Macs using OD

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jun 8, 2015

I have upgraded a small client of mine to FMS 14 (20 users).  We installed a Thawte SSL 123 certificate, making sure it was one of the ones approved by FileMaker.  Everything looked just fine and I had no problem logging in and FMGo clients were doing fine.  And their admin was happy too.  However, their in-house staff started using it and couldn't log in.  They can't see FMS 14 via the domain or IP.  The problem goes away if you turn of the SSL Security, so we know it is an SSL issue.  The interesting thing is we found out that a user who has a local account on their computer have no problem logging in even on the same computer where a network user can't log in.  This is repeatable across different Macs on the same network.  Those who use a network account authorizing through Mac OS X's Open Directory (on another machine, not the FMS server) cannot see FMS 14.  You can use FMP 13 and see it just fine from a logged in network account.  But FMP 14 on a network account won't see the server or even get a list of databases.  Now to make it even weirder, FMS is not authorizing these users via OD.  They are local FM Security accounts.  I actually wanted to try to see if FMS would see those accounts, but the Mac OS X with Open Directory is a local machine and no public IP and the server is off in a server farm and can't see the Mac OS X with OD to join it. 


We spent 2 hours on the phone with FM tech support today and were given a hurd of knowledge base articles to go through, none of which resolved our problem.  We finally just gave up and are running without Security, which has the company uptight.  The FM tech support people were nice, polite, and through us lots of articles to look up, but they never could solve our problem other than turning security off.  So... while they usually are really helpful, this was a -1 check for them today. 


So I am turning to those of you out there who really do this for a living who may have seen this problem.  It is not a Windows problem, only the Macs and only network authorized users via Open Directory when FMS has Security turned on. 


Probably this weekend I'll wipe it all and reinstall FMS and the certificate and see if that helps.  But any suggestions you have would be great.