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    FMS 14 WebDirect Performance?


      I have a client using a hosting service (Name with held to protect the innocent ).  The database was developed in 13 and it has a WebDirect form that a visitor has to fill out.  When hosted on FMS13.0v9  The form works well.  Tabbing from one field to the next is quick and everything appears to work correctly.  There are no scripts/triggers on the fields.


      Yesterday we moved a copy to the hosting services New 14 server.  The form opens ok.  If the user types data into the first field then tabs to the second, frequently the layout blanks and the Web spinning circle of waiting.  After 10 to 20 seconds or longer the screen re-appears and the user is in the next field.


      The client wants an SSL connection to the database at all times.  With the release of 13.0v9,  the hosting service has temporarily turned SSL off to minimize disruption of services for those clients who have not update FileMaker Pro to v9.  They have SSL fully setup on the 14 servers so the plan was to move the database to 14.  With this performance issue that doesn't seem to inviting.


      Has anyone else seen this or had similar issues?


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          This is why we don't offer WebDirect hosting on our shared servers.  You really need a dedicated server for proper performance.  The hardware requirements back this up:




          - John

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            You make a good point.  That stated,  I was under the impression the WebDirect 14 was supposed to have better performance then 13.  I know they raised the number of supported users.  As is even for one user this simple form is unusable on 14,  but works fine on 13.


            At least for the moment,  my issue has been resolved.  SSL has been enabled using 13.0v9 by the hosting service and the IT department at the client is making sure the FM Pro 13.0v9 is on the desktops.


            I have a new project for a different client that planned to use WebDirect for a Kiosk. Similar to what we are doing for this client.  Number of users will be minimal as in 1 or 2 at any one point in time.  Actual DB usage will either be Pro.  If we can't resolve this issue, I'll push the client toward using Go and an Ipad for the Kiosk.



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              We have experienced the same problem. We have a single file database running on on webdirect. Everything was fine running under FMS 13 v5 except for the speed.

              We updated the server to FMS 14 and the spped to the client is great except for the occasional blank screen & spinning wheel.

              This happens in either Internet Explorer or Chrome.

              We are running a MS Windows Server 2008 standard R2 server.

              After two days we rolled back to FMS 13.




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                I'm going to report this as a bug.  With no script triggers, going from field to field in a browser should have minimal processing on the FMS side. having it blank the screen and take 20 to 30 seconds to put the cursor in the next field is just wrong.  I think.



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                  Same problem here,


                  very disappointing performance of FM SERVER 14 running on a dedicated physical Windows 2012R2 server with 8 GB RAM, of which 3.5 GB assigned to database server with just

                  1 database
                  1 filemaker pro client  (512 Mb RAM assigned)

                  1 webdirect client (no difference for chrome or firefox webclients)

                  over 100 Mbit LAN.

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                    Hi, Bruce.


                    I am in the same situation with a client.


                    They first tried their solution with IWP on FMS12, and then with WD on FMS13, with their existing hosting company's shared access account. Performance was abysmal.


                    They did a FMS13 trial on a shared account with another hosting company recommended on this forum, which was even worse.


                    Then they did a FMS13 shared hosting trial with a company that another of my clients recommended. Big improvement, but not 100%.


                    Finally, they tried FMS14 shared hosting with the last company. They say there are still a few issues with FMS14 -- and the client saw some of them, initially -- but the hosting company implemented their own workaround and now it's fine. Still early days, but so far, so good. The client has everything it needs with a fairly demanding solution with a visually rich web UI that I was beginning to think was more than WD could handle in a shared environment.


                    I have left out the names of the companies involved. If you want to e-mail me back channel, I can give you the name of the hosting service they ended up with. For everyone else, the best advice I can give is, if you want shared hosting ask the company what server hardware they are using. Some of these places are using cheap personal computers that clearly can't give FMS the kind of performance it needs to handle a halfway decent web experience.


                    Allegro Data Solutions

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                      Similar spinning issues on Some connections on all browsers, including Safari (just once). Many users have not issues and other do.We have a dedicated server running FMS 14: 32 GB RAM, 4 SSD drives, 12 processors on Window 8R2.  Users are required to log on as Guest Account as this solution runs inside a FM Pro database that includes non-WebDirect layouts.  We cannot pin point the cause of this issue.  After reading some posts here I now consider the possibility of this being a FMS 14 bug.  I had a smaller solution running on v13 and never had this issue reported.

                      Over 900MB connection - UT Austin is its own ips.

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                        Interesting, our experience has been the opposite of yours.


                        We have new clients who use only mobile devices trialling using FM Go and WebDirect in Safari on iPhone on the new ultra narrow system we have developed.


                        Last week they told me, somewhat to my surprise, that they preferred WebDirect to FM Go because it was distinctly faster.


                        How we have moved them from our low powered dev server onto a small UK cloud service, FMHosting.co.uk (Paul Jansen & Crispin Hodges) which our new clients describe as "blazingly fast".


                        I suspect the principle difference may be how you design your solution.


                        If you design for good performance over WAN to mobile devices, which means rigorous simplicity, consistent & proper use of themes & styles and ensuring that users WebDirect sessions are not going to cache the known universe before they can take their next step, then is seems that WebDirect will offer good if not very good performance.


                        As it is in effect offering you a sort of rdp connection it should be quick since there is far less network traffic.


                        You do need to ensure that your server has a proper secure certificate, not self signed, otherwise with ssl you will _lose_ lots of performance. This is because apparently most browsers will not cache pages without a secure paid for certificate, as Web Sockets which underpins the performance improvements in WebDirect 14 throws errors in those circumstances.




                        Cheers, Nick

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                          Can you elaborate on your below remark? Are you referring to the FMS cache setting that you say is often set too high?





                          ensuring that users WebDirect sessions are not going to cache the known universe before they can take their next step,





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                            I have found a fix for the performance issue in the original posting.

                            This document was helpful:



                            The original setup used a 3 tab slider and a set of global fields.  When the WebDirect session opened the user was on the fist tab.  They selected new or returning and ended up on the second or third tab for data entry.  Tab 2 (New ) had a a number of Global fields for Name, Address etc.  The user was supposed to fill these in and when done click a button and record was created for the user.


                            I found two issue.  The big one was the slider.  If I removed the slider and instead made 3 simple layouts based on the same Table Occurrence and changed layouts instead of moving to a different slider tab the issue resolved.  With out the slider hitting the tab key to go to the next field resulted in an immediate move to the next field.


                            The second issue was the global fields.  Global fields can be used even if a record for the field doesn't exist.  That was the setup in the original file.  In WebDirect 14,  I found that there was a slight, but noticeable performance increase when tabbing to the next field if a record existed over the no record set.


                            So in short,  keep the WebDirect layouts as simple as possible.  I really like sliders and find them very useful.  For the moment I am not going to put them on WebDirect layouts.  Given all of the discussion of improved performance of WebDirect in 14,  I would have thought a layout that had worked well in 13 would also work in 14.  So this may be a bug???  Anyway I hope this is helpful.  The document above has some very helpful information.



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                              has anyone still encountered the spinning circle of waiting issue recently? I am in fms14 and encounter the issue. My hardware and network is pretty fit for web direct when compare with the HW requirements specification.


                              i recall fms13 works better at the ti,e when I only use web direct for records browsing. Any recommendations and reference?





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                                Send me your contact number to discuss at jeff@otview.com



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                                  Our experience is that WD is very fast - provided the solution is efficiently designed.


                                  This does mean thinks hard about what you are asking FileMaker to do.


                                  See my detailed paper on "Understanding FileMaker Server" here



                                  Let me know if I can help?


                                  Cheers, Nick

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                                    Thanks Dick,


                                    Will definitely take a look on this. We must have overlooked something here.









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