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Execute a windows command on a network

Question asked by siplus on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by electon

On the same local network, we have


- A filemaker Server

- x macs running our solution

- a windows machine connected to medical equipment.

N.B. : All IP's are fixed.


I am on one of the macs, looking at patient data inside our Filemaker solution.


I need to implement the transfer of some info to the windows machine (Patient ID, full name, birth date, etc)...


The windows machine is running a proprietary software, but is offering me some commands, like

PatImport.exe <filename.txt>. Writing the file to a common directory is not a problem for me, but invoking the PatImport.exe command on the windows machine @ IP address xxxx with the known parameter (can be a file path or a text in quotes) from my Filemaker session on the mac is.


Any ideas ?