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FM14 - webview - PDF's

Question asked by georgej on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by dmb_fmp

I'm in the process of evaluating FM14, part of which is working out what behaviour has changed from v13.


I make extensive use of the webviewer to view PDF's.  In v13 they displayed very nicely within webviewer, but in v14 instead of displaying in field a call is made to open the PDF in Acrobat; which is not what I wanted.


I cannot see any obvious changes or settings, but clearly this behaviour is dictated somewhere.  It would be helpful if FM did not "break" things between versions.  That aside, if anyone has come across and this issue and has a quick solution I'd be extremely grateful.


I understand the direction that FM is going with webdirect and the backend, but the upgrade to 14 is a real disappointment in terms of new features.


Many thanks.