Blank Theme

Discussion created by ibrahim_bittar on Jun 10, 2015

Hello everybody


May be some of you will find this useful: a Blank theme.


Today I was playing with my CSS editor and took the Minimalistic theme and removed all paddings, plus a couple touches here and there and named it "Blank".


Blank is basically a no-padding theme, with lots of white and works very well for WebDirect.




Along with this post you'll find a sample FileMaker file, where you can import the theme from, as well as the theme folder with XML manifests and CSS definitions.


Hope you like it.




FileMaker Inc. does not support nor recommend the use of home grown themes. This theme may have errors so use at your own risk. This is only provided as an academic exercise. It won't blow your computer but I'd use it in production only if I'm 100% sure of knowing what I'm doing.