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Import and Field Lookup Dialogs in FM14?

Question asked by LSNOVER on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by siplus

Am I missing something?  In FM13 and prior, I could "search" for a field by typing the name while the field dialog was up, and filemaker would jump to the matching field.  In FM14, I can get to the first match but go no further.   In addition, in relationships, the dialogs now show "::" at the start of the field, which is helpful visually, but sucks when trying to search for a field.


Same problem in Import Dialogs which I already hated.  And now dragging the fields to position in the import dialog feels dramatically slower and clunky.  Same problem in the relationship graph. 


Are there some tricks to work around these issues?  I admit I don't keep up on the keyboard shortcuts the way I should.  I can't imagine FM would take this big of a step backwards in basic functionality.