Tim Dietrich is leaving FileMaker development :(. Time to think...

Discussion created by ibrahim_bittar on Jun 11, 2015
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Hi all


Today I found this news and I have to confess I'm a bit shocked. Just a bit.


Goodbye, FileMaker


I wanted to share this because I believe it's healthy to open a serious discussion about the core business concepts about FileMaker, not the technical ones. I'm not leaving, not now and not in the future (so please disaster prophets don't start with me). I believe in FileMaker and FMI but something tells me that what I believe is not necessarily aligned with what FMI believes.


I don't agree with everything Tim says, my experience with FBA has been wonderful and I have no complaints in the tech side of FileMaker, however, I make my living 100% out of FileMaker so if someone as important as Tim is leaves FM development it's important to me at least to talk about it.


My biggest concern is the non-disclosure of a real roadmap. I'm sure FMI has one, it just bothers me they are not sharing it. We're partners, right?.


I can understand if Apple keeps everything secret because they have a lot of competitors in the consumer hardware business, however, in my opinion FMI plays in another league where it's not clear who they are competing with. I choose to believe there is no competition at all.


So, I have questions, business questions. It would be great if Steve Romig could jump into this discussion.


1.- Who's FMI target?, professional developers?, end users?.

2.- Where are we going?, SAAS?, something in between?.

3.- The roadmap, can we see it?.


I sincerely hope we can leave this discussion with more answers than questions. Again, I love FileMaker and I feel loved by FileMaker. It's just I want to see clear in the horizon, so to speak.


Best regards


Ibrahim Bittar