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Question asked by leeputnam on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by leeputnam

I run a small company and we provide rentals to customers. We have a rental page that allows us to select from a list which products the customer is renting. Each product has a unique serial number, and we track its condition (working, cosmetic damage, broken). We would like to be able to see how many times each serialized product was rented at the end of each year, that is why we have a "many to many" relationship.


If we have more then one of the same item on a rental, we have to create a new line item for each occurrence.

6/10/2015Blue Chair1
6/10/2015Blue Chair1
6/10/2015Blue Chair1

This is cumbersome and takes up a lot of space on our preparation check lists.


What I want to do is be able to add a QTY column, that will turn red, or limit the user from adding more product them we have in available inventory. It would also be great if it could remove the selected product from the inventory list for the date assigned. That way if we have two rentals on the same day we don't over book.

6/10/2015Blue Chair2Blue Chair12NO
6/10/2015Red Chair2Blue Chair13NO
Blue Chair14YES
Blue Chair15YES
Blue Chair16YES
Red Chair17NO
Red Chair18NO
Red Chair19YES

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Notes: I have a "Many to Many" relationship utilizing a line items merging table.