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    FM Go 14 list view strange behavior when entering or exiting layout


      I have created a solution for deployment directly on iOS (iPad). I've noticed some strange behavior when entering or leaving a couple of the list view layouts. Upon entering the list layout, the list appears long before the header suddenly appears—causing a startling jump—very annoying. The delay causes the layout parts to jump up to the top, then all parts appear in their respective positions and behave normally until navigation changes to a different layout. Similarly upon exiting the list layout, the same behavior shrinks the Header part to nothing, displaying only the list (Body Part) and then closes the layout before moving to a different layout.


      I have tried to adjust anchors of various layout objects. Changes to object anchors do not seem to affect the momentary disappearance of the Header part. I've tried everything I can think of to no avail. BTW, there is no such behavior with the same solution on FM Pro 14 on iMac Desktop.


      Has anyone seen this behavior? Any work-arounds or suggestions would be appreciated.


      Bill P


      Configuration:  iPad Air iOS 8.3, FileMaker Go 14.0.1, toolbars hidden, layouts sized according to platform

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          Hi Bill,


          I had the same thing visual glitches happening, but then converted my 'Header' layout parts to the new 'Top Navigation' part type in v14, and it works great, and very quick and easy to do - much quicker and smoother transition from a list view to a form view layout on FMGo 14 on iPad and iPhone.


          To convert the header parts to top navigation parts, just go to into Layout mode, double click the grey part label and select 'Top Navigation' from the Part Definition dialog. I would also do the same for 'Footer' parts so that they become 'Bottom Navigation' parts.


          Note that for layouts designed for printing, you will probably still want to use the old 'Header' and 'Footer' parts as usual....


          I hope this works for you :-)

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            Yes, I noticed the jumping as well, only in my case it was the sub-summary part causing it.

            There's no workaround to that like skywillmott has.

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              skywillmott, electon,


              Thank you both for your valuable feedback—I was afraid I was the only one who observed this problem. I just changed the Header part to Top Navigation part on my problematic list layout. I also changed the Footer part to Bottom Navigation part. So far, this change has resulted in no visible difference when navigating to and from the list layout. BTW, there are no sub-summary parts on the layout. I then tried disabling script triggers when entering and exiting the list layout. Net result—the same problem persisted with the new Top Navigation part now disappearing momentarily when entering-exiting the layout, then suddenly reappearing with a noticeable "jump" when the list layout is first opened. This behavior is identical to the previous Header and Footer parts—not a smooth transition as with form layouts.


              At least I can feel confident this behavior has nothing to do with Header or Navigation parts per se. And the disabled script triggers seem to have no direct bearing on the mis-behavior. BTW, there are no script errors reported while running the script debugger in FM Pro Advanced 14. There are no plug-ins due to the iOS platform.

              I will now try to remove everything from the Top Navigation part to see if there are any corrupted objects causing the issue. Other list layouts do exhibit the same mis-behavior, so it seems to be a consistent problem with list layouts on iOS. Worst case scenario, I could completely reconstruct the entire list layout and all objects (ugh!), but I'm thinking there is something widespread yet unexplored that may be the cause of the mis-behavior.

              Sadly, there is no debugger available on mobile devices to watch the precise timing and related variable values—slice up the events.

              Bill P

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                I don't think it has anything to do with your solution.

                FM Go 14 is inherently buggy in this, and some other cases).

                I've created my layouts from ground up in FMPA14, and they are very simple so I'm sure it's not on my part.

                Look for a similar issue in the forum and / or submit a bug report.

                Known Buglist for Filemaker GO . Report an issue . Bug Report . FileMaker Forums

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                  I forgot to say - it is important that both the list view layout and the detail view layout use the 'Navigation' parts instead of the header/footer parts in order for the transition between layouts to be smooth... Please do have another go trying that if you didn't before...


                  Also I found that it is best to have the top navigation part set to the same vertical size on both the list and detail layouts...


                  To illustrate the difference see the attached video which was screen recorded form my iPad (4th gen) using a lightning cable to QuickTime Player on Mac, so the recording frame rate is pretty good... You will see the difference between using navigation parts and header/footer parts is very obvious...


                  I have also attached here the file I used... All the data in it is sample data from Brian Dunning - Free Sample Data


                  You can switch between 'test 1' which uses header/footer layout parts and 'test 2' which uses top/bottom navigation layout parts.


                  I'd be interested to know if this helps in your solution...






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                    Thank you for the effort!

                    Looks like many will now have no option but go to every layout and manually change the part type to navigation header.

                    Which is a neat feature by the way. We can call it "the biggest feature adoption in history".


                    Unfortunately I haven't found a design guide where it says:

                    "avoid using header parts and sub summaries because your layout will jump".