FMP13 to FMS14, File Name with a period in it

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jun 14, 2015
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I ran into an interesting situation that I didn't realize.  If you have a filename with a period in it, then FMP13 can't open it if hosted on FMS14.  For example a file named "data.something.fmp12".  An FMP14 can open it.  And an FMP13 can open it on an FMS13 server.  It is only when you have FMP13 opening a file hosted by FMS14 that it is a problem.  Remove the period and replace it with an underscore or space and all is good such as "data_something.fmp12".


So just be warned to watch out for periods if you want backwards compatibility with your FMS 14 server for earlier version FMPs.