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iOS 9 musings: URL Scheme implications , side by side FMGO?

Question asked by HammerOz on Jun 14, 2015

Hi all,


Does anyone have a good understanding of any implications for FM Go with regard to iOS9 ?


My interest was initially around the new multitasking on iPad and using a url to make a call or navigate side by side beside fmGO.  But then I noticed some commentary on deep app linking and url scheme changes. I use some url schemes but am no expert so I am wondering if anyone has comments who has a deeper understanding of what iOS 9 means if anything. I wonder if we will be able to utilise the new universal linking with Filemaker solutions or is it something that is out of reach until FMGO implements it?


Some commentary: Awkward Hare - Quick Take on iOS 9 URL Scheme Changes

Apple Developer : iOS 9.0

"Adopting universal links in your app is strongly recommended over the use of custom URL schemes. Benefits of adopting universal links include:

  • Security—universal links can’t be claimed by another app developer, unlike custom URL schemes.
  • Fallback to Safari for users who don’t have your app installed.
  • A single link works for all users of your content, regardless of whether they view it in your app or on your website"


Thanks in advance