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Post requests with Filemaker 12

Question asked by jurijn on Jun 15, 2015
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I am working on some project, where some web service is used.
FM Server version 12 platform is used.


The problem is that I can not make Post requests with FM 12. I have to search / use some alternatives.
What is the easieast way? In original script (FM 13 / 14) I was using INSERT FROM URL [] script step with httpspost on the beginning of the URL.
I just need to substitute that script step with some plugin.


I was thinking about Base Elements Plugin.

Did anyone use it for something similar? What are your experiences with it?

What are your experiences, what do you suggest?
Plugin should enable secure POST requests, work on FM Server 12 (64 bit), be reliable and free if possible.  

Please, share your opinion on the topic.