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Strange behavior with FM 14 regarding logins and creating PDFs

Question asked by edpod2101 on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by edpod2101

A few months ago I loaded an established FM 13 application on to a client's new Windows PC and all was working.  Life was good.  Production has been idle for the past month so the application has not been used.  Prior to starting production again in July the client wanted to upgrade to a new FM 14 version.  This version has no known issues on my windows PC. 


After loading the new version on the client PC all the application functions work correctly but I'm seeing strange behavior at login and when creating PDFs.  The login authentication dialog no longer appears.  When starting the FM application the user immediately is presented with the home screen. It shows their account name.  And when the user tries to create a PDF from a report they get the message that they cannot create the PDF file with this name or on this disk, full or locked disk, etc.  The create PDF function (Save Records As PDF) is used without parameters so the user can enter their own name and location (no changes to the function from FM 13).  I know that they are doing this correctly, no odd characters in the file name, etc.  We even tried creating to the desktop with the same error message.  I had them load a local version of the application and the behavior is the same.


The client recently upgraded their network and it is possible that the internal IT group set up Active Directory for network authentication.  I'm trying to determine what other factors could cause this behavior.  I'll be visiting the client later this week to check it out.  The application (File Option) should not have a default login account but I will check this to be sure.


I'm puzzled by this behavior.  I've been thinking that these two issues were not related but maybe they are.  Anyone have ideas?