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    Strange behavior with FM 14 regarding logins and creating PDFs


      A few months ago I loaded an established FM 13 application on to a client's new Windows PC and all was working.  Life was good.  Production has been idle for the past month so the application has not been used.  Prior to starting production again in July the client wanted to upgrade to a new FM 14 version.  This version has no known issues on my windows PC. 


      After loading the new version on the client PC all the application functions work correctly but I'm seeing strange behavior at login and when creating PDFs.  The login authentication dialog no longer appears.  When starting the FM application the user immediately is presented with the home screen. It shows their account name.  And when the user tries to create a PDF from a report they get the message that they cannot create the PDF file with this name or on this disk, full or locked disk, etc.  The create PDF function (Save Records As PDF) is used without parameters so the user can enter their own name and location (no changes to the function from FM 13).  I know that they are doing this correctly, no odd characters in the file name, etc.  We even tried creating to the desktop with the same error message.  I had them load a local version of the application and the behavior is the same.


      The client recently upgraded their network and it is possible that the internal IT group set up Active Directory for network authentication.  I'm trying to determine what other factors could cause this behavior.  I'll be visiting the client later this week to check it out.  The application (File Option) should not have a default login account but I will check this to be sure.


      I'm puzzled by this behavior.  I've been thinking that these two issues were not related but maybe they are.  Anyone have ideas?



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          Remember that FM14 on Windows comes with a feature similar to Apple's Keychain. I think it's called Credential Manager.


          When Credential Manager is used, Windows stores user name and password so the file opens automatically. It's possible your user accidentally enabled it and that's why it's behaving this way.

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            Ibrahim has probably put his finger on the cause of your first issue. As regards the second, my best guess is that it has to do with OS permissions. I have encountered a similar issue in the past on a Mac, and the solution was to ensure that fmuser and fmserver (also relevant in my case) had read/write access to any relevant directories. Perhaps you are now encountering something similar on Windows.

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              Thanks ibrahim and keywords.  Credentials Manager is supposed to be turned off but there is one user that has full access.  I agree that he may have enabled it. 


              I had the user check permissions as a first step.  Then I had him create a PDF manually.  That all worked.  I did ask him to check permissions for fmuser but not fmserver.  However, I've learned that sometimes instructions get lost in translation.  I suspect that you are correct in pointing at the permissions issue.  

              I will be on-site later this week so I can do my own troubleshooting.  I'll revisit these two suggestions first. 

              Thanks again.

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                Still haven't been able to get on site to troubleshoot but I was able to get Credentials Manager disabled.  That fixed the login issue.


                Still working on the 'Save Records as PDF' failure.  I reviewed my personal Windows setup.  System and Admin users own the permissions for the FM application.  This is the same as on my Mac.  No problems creating the PDFs on either system.  However, I could not find fmuser on my Windows PC or my Mac (fmsadmin and fmserver are on my server).  It appears as though the settings are the same on the client PC.  So I assume the user set up is ok. (I'm having the client run a local version during my troubleshooting)


                I have another function that saves reports to Excel (Export Records).  I expected to this function to fail just like the PDF failure but it works just fine. 


                Bottom line is that the PDF function worked in FM13 and now does not in FM14.  I can't figure out what has changed on that PC besides a new version of FileMaker.


                It's got to be a simple problem but it still has me stumped.