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    Possible bug FMP-14 Window behavior


      You can see the script steps in the attached screen shot.


      The issue can be simply described:   when the current privilege set is Full Access, the secondary window does exactly what it should do.   However, when logged in with any other privilege set, the secondary Window does not appear in the foreground, but instead is hidden behind the original window used to launch the script.


      Because the secondary window is hidden from the user's view by the foreground window, the user finds it necessary to force quit because the foreground window, not being the selected one, cannot be moved away to reveal the one in the background.

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          I ran a quick test on my Mac with the attached test file and could not replicate your problem. There are two accounts, each with no password: admin (full access), and TEST (data entry only). The script behaves the same on each. Try it and see if you can see the same behaviour you are getting.

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            thanks for sending me that test. So far, I can't reproduce the problem that I reported, and if I was not going out of town tomorrow AM I would put more time into this tonight.  For now, I can tell you that I resolved the issue in my own solution by granting full access to the suspect script.   When I did so at first, in Windows 7, the matter did not resolve itself but after a restart, it did.  That gave me something new to examine and I have not yet done more work to see whether denying full access to the script will cause it to behave again like it did when I first submitted this.


            thank you.