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    Web GL & Filemaker


      Another long running issue, Web Gl and FM Pro Advanced and FM Go 12, 13 & 14 as all of these revs of both apps do NOT play Web GL enabled 3D graphics in Web Viewer even though Filemaker 11's web viewer plays Web GL graphics perfectly in Safari without issue.  whci leads me to believe the bug was introduced when 12 made the split from 11. This is another capability I need but don't have. Isn't it time to fix this and now because this and lack of sound in web view videos are not acceptable.


      Any help on this would be most appreciated as well.


      PS I just test 11 again. Stellar comes to mind here.

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          I just tested videos in 11. Stellar anyone?

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            There's a colossal difference between the 11 and 12 platforms due to the file format change. The entire front end UI that renders layouts was changed. 11 isn't really my definition of "stellar" at all, and there have been massive improvements in the last three releases.


            I'm not exactly sure it's a bug as you say, since Web GL enabled 3D graphics has NEVER been a promised functionality of the webviewer object. When the object was first introduced, FileMaker did warn that there are functional limitations of the object.  Since the webviewer is semi-reliant on the system browser to render pages, the fault may be out of filemaker's control. Surely it's an annoyance for you to deal with, but over the course of 3 years you haven't found any alternatives? For instance launching the content in native safari with an fmp:// url back to your database?

            WebGL is also subject to various blacklists that block it from being rendered by certain browsers, maybe that's an underlying cause. It's also notorious for reporting as active in browsers even though a block exists somewhere. Worse yet, you have no security setting controls for WebGL in iOS for safari, so if it's blocked there, then I doubt you can change it. I'm sure you've already changed your safari security settings to "allow always" (screenshot), right?


            Have you been submitting bug reports since FM12 was released? *edit*, I see that you have been submitting these topics for a few years on the forum, not sure if it's the same as a bug report.


            Do you have a .fmp12 sample file that people here can experiment with and troubleshoot? Perhaps someone might have a magic combination that works.

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              Hi Mike,


              I'll send you two files. One, an FM 11 with two webviewers, one to webgl,

              the other to a vimeo or YT video. The second will turn the file into FM12.

              From there, you will see FM 12 (&, for that matter 13,)  does not play

              sound in the video while the 11 dile does. As an experienced tech guy who

              has worked with FM since rev 3, I know when things break and, IMHO,

              webviewer  was broken in these two really important areas as both worked

              flawlessly in 11 on both Mac and Windows using Safari and Chrome as

              connects to both Web Gl and video. Now that Explorer 10 supports webgl, I'm

              betting 11 will work there as well. As for doing an external connect, that

              doesn't work as the workflow from the database to the browser in questions

              breaks the flow of data a person needs in making a decision based on

              video/graphic input, epecially when one is doing something on the net.


              As for the video part of the equation, the lack of sound via web viewer has

              been discussed ad nauseum in FM, something that does not happen in 11. Not

              sharp shooting here but ....


              Web Viewer's amazing, it does stuff that's disruptive and I have leveraged

              this aspect of the tech to the max. If possible, get it to work like 11 and

              people will thank you for it as I surely will.