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    Renewing Mac preferences


      I have some issues which I would like to see if deleting the preferences would fix

      but when I do all of the previous hosts, recent files etc are there and the file seems to have been recreated as it was from somewhere else.

      As per uninstall instructions, it is the one in Users/me/Library/Preferences

      OSX10.9 with FMP12, 13, 14


      Anyone got any ideas how to proceed?



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          You’re in the right place (far as I know) though you’ll likely find from one to four possible files (given the versions you have installed and depending on if it’s advanced or vanilla pro)






          Backup/move/bin them all and you should find yourself back to a fresh view of the world.


          Make sure that you’ve quit all versions of FM before removing them, otherwise the file will get recreated when you do quit (with the old settings) rather than created from new on next startup.




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            Thanks. Tried all the above...

            With no prefs file, as soon as you start the software again the old prefs are there.

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              John, Steve suggestion should work. I played with preferences quite a bit and this is the way to clear them.


              As Steve mentioned you must quit Filemaker as it is caches all preferences when running and writes them back when you close application. I wrote an AppleScript which clears all preferences for FileMaker, but the Favourite Hosts was the one I struggled with to clear.


              By the way, as far as I know all three versions use the same preference file.

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                I was experiencing exactly the same problem recently.  It was resolved with the following:


                1. Login to each user profile on the Mac and delete the same preference file from each user

                2. Restart Mac


                I'm not 100% sure whether it was just the restart after deleting the file, or deleting preference file from each user before the restart... But it worked. 


                Hope that helps. 


                Stephen Sexton

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                  Only one user profile, but the restarting step is the clue here....


                  Am trying to troubleshoot why FMP 14 tells men it has crashed every time I close it down on this machine




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                    Seems preferences are retained in memory ( or somewhere ) and get pulled back in unless the computer is restarted.

                    Trashing .plist and restarting does work.

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                      Seems preferences are retained in memory



                      I think, it is connected to launchd process. There should be a way to stop cashing without restarting FileMaker and computer -  with launchctl


                      I've just run launchctl list in terminal and com.filemaker.client.advanced12 is listed as one of the processes.


                      John - are you sure the problem is with preferences? Did you try to reinstall already? One thing you can try, is uninstall with AppZapper, it has an option of clearing the related files during uninstall.

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                        I reinstalled, after deleting prefs and restarting

                        Got a fresh new thing but it is still saying its crashed when you exit. Which it doesn't on my 10.10 machine.


                        Just trying to eliminate one thing at a time.

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                          Sorry for obvious one,  John. Did you  try to check/repair permissions on the volume?


                          Also try to navigate to




                          Look for the entry with filemaker in the name and try to remove it.

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                            A bit of a red herring at the moment.




                            launchctl stop com.filemaker.client.advanced12.145760




                            launchctl remove com.filemaker.client.advanced12.145760

                            also closes Filemaker.  If you want to try you will need to get the last number in the label as it is unique for every computer.