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I worked through FileMaker 14 Basics Training Series, and now I have some questions before I proceed.


Question 1.


It looks, like I have to register in database every user, who may use this database. Is it so? Or can I determine Domain User  Group(s), members of which are allowed to use the database and the rights they will have there?


Our current policy is, that all rights to any programs are determined by Domain User groups mainly (there are couple of programs with 2 - 3 users which are exception from this rule due program design).


I foresee, that some possible applications will have couple hundreds of possible users (all our Domain Users, who will use WebDirect from our LAN through browser - and no users from outside at all), and when we have to manage them all for several applications, then it will be insane! Or I have to make in such cases an user without any password and hope, that there will be not too many occasions, where several users want use the database simultaneously?