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point of sale - with serial numbers

Question asked by vlim on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2015 by vlim

We want a Point of Sale (PoS) system - we had a database made for us in FMP5 - I've downloaded FMP14.  At present we have to go into the Products and find the item via serial number and make it "out" (for sold) and then proceed to the Invoices to get an Invoice ID then using the new Invoice ID go back into Products to make it out.  It's 3 steps to sell one thing. 


We want 1 step:  Is it possible to go from the Invoices screen to find/scan/type in a serial number and have all the related info (like make, brand, model etc) come up and also to have the item taken out of the Products list as sold?  If I type in the serial number in the Invoices page it creates a new product in the Products list even if the serial number is already in Product it doesn't recognise that it's the same item and it doesn't know what model/brand etc it is. 

In the Inventory Starter Solution - Invoices sample of FMP15 I tested this by adding a field SKU (but I have seen on other discussions that SKU is not the same as serial number) in the Invoices page and it still does the same.  If I use the Items field like a serial number it seems to work but it's not correct as it seems to me that Items should be like 1 to many not many single items. 

Any ideas please?  Many thanks, Vanessa