How to change a global field's default while the file is being Served (FMS13)

Discussion created by dew119 on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by skywillmott

GOAL: To reset the default value of a global (text) field in a FM13 file, remotely; while the target file is being served (FMS13).


Given that a global field's default value can not be changed unless it is changed locally and the file is then closed and reopened, locally;

my idea was to see if I could trigger a script from within one of the other files being served on the same FMS13 server  i.e., to have that script reset the global (text) field in the target file then cause FMS13 to close + re-open (stop, then restart serving) the target file.


Could this or another strategy get the job done?


I thought perhaps "Run script on Server" might be an answer but don't understand that command's function or how to use it for this task.

I also read some FM posts that mentioned the use of "command lines" but that is outside my knowledge/skill.


I'd so appreciate your help.