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    Add thread navigation tools


      How about adding a go to first page and go to last page button to the thread navigation tools in the forum?

      We need these controls for long threads

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          Thanks for the suggestion -- that makes sense to me. I'm fully occupied with DevCon right now, but I'll put this on my list of things to look into.


          Cheers --



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            Hi Kris,


            Have you tried the "Latest Reply" link that appears above a given thread? (see attached).  This takes you to the most recent reply.


            Then to go back to the top, you'd click on "1" in the reply navigation (same attached image).


            Let me know if you were looking for something else -- thanks!



            Latest Reply.png

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              Just my $0.02. The one issue with that button is that it's 3 clicks to get there. In an ideal world, a link to jump to the "Last Unread Post" on the discussion list would be the best option.

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                I'm new to this job of administering the FileMaker Community, and need to educate myself about what is possible in Jive and what isn't. There is a lot to learn, such as:


                1) What is already possible in Jive that I just don't know about yet

                2) The ways I can customize our implementation of Jive (which tend to be limited, especially if I want to keep our options open for the possibility of implementing the cloud version of Jive in the future -- no promises there, mind you, since our implementation already has significant customization in place)

                3) The features that other communities have requested from Jive that I can add my voice to -- knowing that Jive will move forward on new features at their own pace and according to their priorities and constraints, like any software company :-)


                I'll keep investigating this navigation request to look for any easy wins I might be missing. From the searching I've done so far, I'm not optimistic -- but let's see.

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                  Thanks, Mark and welcome aboard.


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                    Completely understood Mark. I just wanted to throw it out there.  I, and others, appreciate the effort FMI and your team put into making things work better.


                    I try my best to participate here, but the navigation and layout of the of the discussion threads have made it difficult.  Just as a few examples, the Discussions / Content page shows too much info, and seems to highlight info that isn't nearly as important as other info.

                    • Things like the # of Bookmarks, have little value for someone looking at the forums.
                    • Latest Activity is helpful. But including "who" made the last post would be even better.
                    • As mentioned above, a button or link to jump to the "Last unread post/comment" would be fantastic.
                    • Most important for someone like me, are the number of view and number of replies. Likes are good when someone is searching for an answer, I suppose. But I'm not completely sure about that. It's been a while since I search the forums looking for an answer myself.
                    • Author is mildly helpful, but as mentioned in the second bullet, the last poster would be much more valuable info. Especially for someone watching their own thread, to see when activity has happened recently ( because its easier to remember who posted last as opposed to the time a post was made ).
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                      Great suggestions, Joshua -- thanks!