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Kind of an open letter - what's about forums?

Question asked by Markus Schneider on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by Fred(CH)

Every day the same, for months! Spammers! Started IMHO before easter..


- at the moment, there are ~384 spam postings in one of the forums of ('Go forum')



- with iPad's, one can not post because the captcha window doesn't appear on iOS. One posting a day for all of the forums (then, captcha..)

- with iPad's it's impossible to edit a posting

- with iPad's, one can't go 'back' after writing the single posting, navigation missing


this spamming is *no* reputation. With such forums, *every* discussion about security becomes obsolete. Spammers began to add comments to existing postings lately. It's just a question of time until a trojan appears )-:


at the moment, there is even no feature request page anymore*. Means no issue reports with iPad's, no feature requests - as one wrote over there: FMI became deaf...


Please, dear folks at FileMaker: Do something to keep those forums alive! I believe that there are some kind souls who delete all of the spams by hand. There seem to be no way to block IP's, users, etc. The level of spamming is really way too much!


Thank You so much!


* one kind soul (TSGal) notes the feature requests when she gots them via messenger


(got a screenshot from the 'go forum')