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    Web Direct


      Dear Experts,


      I just downloaded fms_trial_14.0.2.226. Do I need to have a SSL certificate in order to enable webdirect? I cant make it into work.

      I have read some questions and suggestion in the forum like disable antivirus during installation.


      Thank you so much to any suggestion that you can extend.



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          Does your server control panel say that the web publishing engine is running? Did your installation complete successfully?


          What message do you get when you navigate to http://localhost/fmi/webd/ on the server?

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            Hi Mike,


            My installation is successful because it says next step is deployment.


            When I navigate to the the local host it gives me an error " This webpage is not available".

            during my deployment When I try to check my web publishing and enable the webdirect the red spinner turns into yellow and then turns into red for a long time. I tried also to edit my deployment but still the same.


            I noticed this message under web publishing



            "Web Publishing



            Web publishing allows you to publish databases on the internet or an intranet. Enable web publishing if you want to make FileMaker data available in a web browser.



            Note: A custom SSL certificate is required to access web publishing technologies over a secure and trusted connection. Obtain a custom certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) supported by FileMaker and install the certificate."
            thats why Im asking if I need a SSL in trial version.
            Thank you.


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              A Custom SSL is not required, nor is encryption a requirement.  You can make your life easier by just turning the SSL connection security off since you are just running a trial and I assume this is not a real database, but a test environment.


              FM recommends, and so do most security experts, that you use SSL encryption, and not a self signed certificate, but a 3rd party assigned SSL certificate.  If you do not import a 3rd party SSL certificate, it will default to a self assigned one, which is better than not using SSL, but it is not a verified connection.


              If you just want to test things and are not using real data, just turn SSL connections off and it will work fine.

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                Hi Tylor,


                Thank you, yes I just want to test my layout and fields how they look on the web. how can I enable webdirect? because if enable it please see below image

                webdirect test error.png


                it gives me this image


                at least two minutes then it will return to step number 1.


                Thank you.

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                  It sounds more like FMS can not connect to your web server.  As Mike and Taylor already explained, this has nothing to do with SSL or encryption. 


                  Is this Mac or Windows?

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                    Hi Wim,


                    Its windows 8.1. What are the possible reasons and how can I solve this problem?


                    Thank you so much.

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                      Markus Schneider

                      Check the requirements - FM14 needs a server OS according to the spec's. This could be the reason


                      FileMaker Server 14 Technical Specifications | FileMaker

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                        Mark is correct... you cannot use a Client Operating System like Windows 8.  While not recommend except for testing and development, previous versions of FileMaker Server could be used on some Client Operating Systems.  People often used those as a development test environment on their local development PC with FileMaker Pro Advanced.  That way you could have FMP and FMS on the same test machine.  But with FMS 14, FM deprecated supported for any Client Operating System and they only work on Network Operating Systems like Windows Server 2012.  They probably should have been doing this all along and the fact that it did work on some Client Operating Systems was never a good idea. 

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                          Hi Taylor,


                          Before I tried to install FMS server 13 trial with the same machine, I got same problem that's why I tried FMS server 14 but still the problem is there.

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                            I saw it on my machine.

                            Try fully uninstall (remove IIS and its 4 modules) before re-install.

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                              I stopped the FMServer services, I uninstall it using a software, delete the filemaker server folder, I go to registry and delete everything that is related to filemaker server.

                              I also uninstall the following:


                              IIS URL Rewrite Module

                              Microsoft Application Request Routing

                              Microsoft External Cache for IIS

                              Microsoft Web Farm Framework



                              Restart the machine, reboot and install it again, the problem is still there.

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                                Did yo proceed with deployment.  This must be done to complete installation.  Then you can use Test Oage to see if WebDu=rect is working.



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                                  Yes I did proceed with the deployment, but as I said, If I enable Web Publishing and webdirect I got the red windows spinner that spinning for a long time then it will return again to step number 1.


                                  I tried to skip also that step, I tried to open the Sample file using the server open test page which works fine, but when I open the test page for webdirect - I got this error messagewebdirect error.png

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                                    I wonder if they will ever do the same for MAC OS?



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