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data transfer problem

Question asked by coherentkris on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by taylorsharpe

Another long problem description:


I've got file A on Server A and am transferring data to file B on Server B.

Restrictions say i can not use file based data transfer between servers.

Table A on Server A has one table.

Table B on Server B has one table.

The field definitions match on each table and their is no validation.

File A and File B are both encrypted but with different credentials.

File A has require full access to access the schema.

File B is unlocked in that regard.

File A (source) has file reference and TO to Table B (destination)

The TOS are related with create records in table B turned on.

The transfer script goes to table A layout and produces a found set.

The script then loops through the found set and sets field in Table B across the relationship.

If their is no match then it should create records.

Their are no server incompatible script steps or options in the transfer script.

File A and File B both have an account named server, [full access], and have the same password.

i am trapping for and recording errors (none).


Starting from null Table B and a Found Set of 3886 records in table A i would expect table B to have 3886 records when the script is done.

When i run this from my machine it functions perfectly.

When i force PSOS or actually fire the script on server it does not create any records in Table B.


Any ideas on how to get this to work Server Side?