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Question asked by CICT on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by mardikennedy

I'd welcome people's comments as to whether they feel that the Launch Center is an improvement over the old Quick Start screen?


From our perspective, where we're setting up each user's account in Citrix on the Internet, in v13 we could preset each user's databases in the Quick Start screen and it would take quite a lot of effort from the user to undo this. This way we didn't need any form of launcher file, the Quick Start was easily accessible from the Help menu and use of the File:Favorites menu made it very easy to open other files if needed.


Our biggest concern is how easy it is for a user to click on the star to remove a file from My Solutions - an accidental click to the left (in list view) or top left in icon view and the file has disappeared the next time the My Solutions tab is visited.


The above thoughts have surfaced as we're currently having to write a 'cheat sheet' to explain to users across 4 continents how to access their files in the event that their favorites disappear - something we never had to do with the Quick Start screen.


We're not fans of the prominence of the 'New' button or 'Hosts' tab. I'm sure this is fine when single company solutions are running on a network, but when hosting for multiple companies and multiple developers controlling access via FileMaker Server's built in security, it is encouraging access to areas we're prefer left alone.


I know we still have the favourites menu (which retains the old favorites window option) but somehow with multi-file (separated) solutions, in particular the icon view, can be very confusing for a user when they are searching for their interface file.