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    Acrobat toolbars in PDF viewer window


      In my management db I have a script which opens a saved PDF document in a separate viewer window. Within my script the window is set to a size that enables me to comfortable read the PDF; when first created, this all worked fine. For several years now, when this window opens it sets a menu bar and sidebar that are Acrobat features (see first screenshot), meaning that the page is not fully visible. I can manually address this by closing the sidebar and changing the zoom setting to page level (see second screenshot). This is something I just live with, since I don't use the feature much, but it's on my rather long list of issues to address when I get around to creating a new version of the db.


      My question, however, is this:  Is there a way within my FM script, say, to change these Acrobat settings? I haven't been able to find a way, but maybe I'm overlooking something. Any ideas anyone?

      Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.23.44 am.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.24.17 am.png

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          The thing that is causing the behaviour you see is the view settings in the FILE, but this can be changed to some degree while creating the file

          Click the options button and then go to the initial view tab and play round with the options available (which are a limited subset of what is actually possible)

          For more advanced control, or if these files are sent to you from other places, this can be done after the file is created using something like ScriptMaster with iText - easy.


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            Excellent! I hadn't thought to investigate options at this end of the process; just tried it and it appears to resolve the problem, at least for PDFs created from FM, which most of mine are. Many thanks.