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    FMS14 WebDirect showing no databases on split deployment


      I have a two-machine deployment of FMS14 that is not showing any databases in the WebDirect homepage. If I edit the deployment to a single-machine, all expected files are visible and can be used. Where do I need to look to troubleshoot this? The admin console reports that the web server is running, that the Web Publishing Engine is running, and both show the worker machine's IP address, but the WebDirect homepage shows no files. If I try to connect to a file directly, it gives "Error. Database not available."


      Both machines are Windows Server 2012R2. Both are virtual machines running on VMWare ESXi, and worked beautifully running FMS13. I uninstalled FMS13 and installed and updated FMS14 as per the instructions, but WebDirect is not playing. Single-machine works fine, but two-machine does not.


      Both machines have custom SSL certificates from GoDaddy. In the browser, both report correct SSL connections with  certificate name match. FMP13 and 14 connect to the Master and show secure connections with the green padlock.


      Master is dual core, 16GB RAM. Worker is 8 core, 30GB RAM.


      While it was a single-machine deployment, I uninstalled FMS and all Java installations on the Worker and reinstalled and updated FMS14 to (the Master was installed as and updated to as well).


      One thing that has occurred as a possible issue is that the Master has two network connections - one for "normal" use, and one internal to the VM host hardware for use for data backups to a NAS we have on the host. FMS on the worked seems to prefer this IP address, not the "normal" one. Is there a way to force FMS to use a specific network connection and ignore the other?


      I'm stumped, and tired. I would appreciate any pointers anyone can offer to troubleshoot and solve this issue.

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          Update: on the suspicion that network confusion might be at the root of the problem, I disabled the Backup network connection, then removed and reinstalled FileMaker Server 14. It is quite happy as a single-machine deployment. However, it will not now recognise the presence of the worker machine. If I try to Edit the deployment to make it a Two-Machine deployment, it does not find the Worker machine on initial scan, nor on a Rescan, nor if I enter t he IP address explicitly and click Lookup.

          As before, pointers for troubleshooting welcome.

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            Solved. For the benefit of those troubleshooting similar issues in future:

            1) Attempts to connect up the Two-Machine deployment were failing because the FMServer components on the worker machine were not running. They resisted attempts to start them using the command line, so I removed and reinstalled again. This time, everything worked.

            2) I have not yet re-enabled the Backup network connection. I will try that later.

            3) Once I got the Two-Machine deployment connected, the WebDirect homepage was populated with the expected files and WebDirect was working properly.

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              Final update: re-enabling the Backup network connection has not led to any issues. So I think there is a take-away here: if the Master in a Two-Machine deployment has more than one network connection, disable the others so that the only active one is the one you want the inter-machine communication to use. Once the deployment is complete, you can re-enable the other(s) again.