Report - any suggestion how to accomplish this ?

Discussion created by simple on Jun 26, 2015
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One of my heath care client requires the attending doctors to fill up one of the 12 reports, depending on the type of diagnosis. All these reports are pre-design template. Each report has about 20 to 50 fields. Most of the fields are either Yes or No. But for some fields, doctors have to fill in the reading or measurement. Though there are 20 to 50 fields per template ,in most cases, doctors will not fill more than 7-8  fields per report. They only enter those relevant to that diagnosis.


The challenge is when printing the report, they only want to print those fields entered by doctors. My initiate thought is to run through field by field, picking up those entered and store them in global. When print, I just print that global field.


Any suggestion how to accomplish this ?   Thank you in advanced