New Feature Request Strike 3!

Discussion created by CICT on Jun 28, 2015
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I've recently posted our concerns over the new Launch Center, and have just attempted to request a new feature on the FileMaker web site, but received the attached 'down for maintenance message' (sorry this one is in Dutch for some reason, but the original was in English and understand that this has been reported on another posting on this forum).


Having typed our request, I was relieved to be able to use the browser back button to retrieve the text (why do they always let you fill the forms in before advising that the facility is down?).


So, resorting to the Forums in the hope that our request would be seen by someone in FileMaker and taken seriously, I found this to be wall to wall spam.


So strike 3 and having taken time to raise our concerns, I've pasted our original text below, again in the hope that someone from FileMaker sees it.


"As we host for our clients over Citrix XenApp and set up each user's account so all they have to do is double click the favourite we put in Quick Start and now Launch Center. However, it is so easy to remove a favourite in the Launch Center we have had to write a 3 page 'cheat sheet' to explain how to get your favourite back if you accidentally click the top left corner in My Solutions.

Please note. With Citrix XenApp there is no desktop to double click an opener file from, FileMaker is streamed directly in Citrix Receiver as if it had been launched from the local computer.


Previously with the Quick Start, nobody ever went into favorites and changed the settings. They started FileMaker, double clicked the favorites we'd setup for them and if the Quick Start screen was missing we pointed them to the Help or Favorites menus.


We need a bit of 'corporate control' as our clients are spread across Asia, Africa, Europe and the US, so we can't just explain to them what to do.


We are now enabling Open Recent, which was always disabled pre v14 that will help. But with different versions of databases occasionally opened, this introduces risk and confusion as files are added and removed.


If a favourite could be made harder to remove, or at least give a warning, it will help. Ideally we'd like to lock a favourite in the 'My solutions' tab. This will be beneficial both for FileMaker users, as they won't have to keep searching or requesting help for missing files and for us, as we expect the number of support requests to increase significantly once we roll v14 out (which is being delayed due to the script and script step random relocation in Windows in the Script Workplace).


We are currently hosting 189 files worldwide, which is a combination of our own solutions and some for other developers, so I hope you can see why we need this facility.