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FileMaker 14 pie chart problem

Question asked by dburnham on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2015 by erolst

I don't know if I am confronting a bug in FileMaker 14 or just doing something wrong. This is the simplest pie chart I have ever tried to create and it won't behave like I expect.


I have one table with one record that is connected to a "clients" table with a cartesian join to view all records.  In the clients table, there are 245 records.  There is a field called "status".  In that field, 237 records have the value "active" and 8 records have the value "inactive".    Two calculation fields confirm to me the count of the values for active and inactive clients.


I expect my pie chart to show me a very thin slice representing the inactive records, but instead I am seeing a pie chart like the attached screen shot.  it's as if the pie is giving me a representation of the field's INDEX rather than the records themselves.


Curiously, when I change the graph from a pie to a bar graph and use the counts as 2 series of plotted bars, it works just fine.


I don't get it, and I wonder if there is something in FM-14 that is out of control.