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Giving Mac permission to view files

Question asked by marcs on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by siplus

I have one person where I work that only wants to use a mac, which is fine, but I have never used a mac before and it seems like filemaker 13 is giving her a little problem.


When she tries to view a .pdf file, she clicks on a link and it comes up with an error message saying


"the file <unkown> could not be found and is required to complete this operation."


she clicks continue and than gets another error, clicks continue again and it goes to a blank web browser.  Im assuming trying to open that .pdf up in a web browser, but can't


Now when we use filemaker in windows it just requires me to give the windows computer access to the folder on the server where these .pdfs are stored.  She says that the person before me set this up so it should be done.  I didnt check because I have never touched a mac before and have no clue how to do it.


Do you think I just need to give the mac permission to my folder and it will open up in a .pdf viewer like my windows computers do? and if so would someone be kind enough as to give me instructions on how to give a mac permissions to a server folder.  Or if that isn't it what else do you think it could be?