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    Customize Status Toolbar


      What magic trick is required to get the status toolbar to retain the items that I place in it when I use Customize Status Toolbar in browse mode in FileMaker Advanced 14 on Mac OS-X 10.10.3 ??


      I can understand why my chosen items disappear and the defaults re-appear if FileMaker crashes unexpectedly, but it seems like I have to repeat these settings half a dozen times daily.  Are these settings now specific to each layout?  Is this a known bug?

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          Are you using any Custom Menus? I believe the toolbar settings will reset if you use different Custom Menus on a layout.

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            No custom menus.  And I'm seeing this is a variety of databases that are open from time to time throughout the day.

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              Hm. Not seeing the same behavior, even opening and closing. Nor switching layouts.


              You say your choices disappear and defaults reappear. So you're adding and removing items?

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                I just did the following test when it happened again after my Internet service was turned off momentarily for testing by Verizon.


                I used the new FM-14 "reconnect" tool, and it did not reconnect me.

                I then reopened the database that was open before and went to the layout I was working on.  The default buttons were present instead of my chosen 3 buttons for Manage, Debugger, and Data Viewer.

                Then, I removed all the buttons and added my 3 "favorites" which are the only ones I want available when I am working in Browse mode,

                Then, I closed the database.

                When I reopened it, the default buttons were present again and my 3 favorites were not.


                Also, I can add that the menu set is Standard FileMaker Menus which is the file default.

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                  This database is hosted? And if so, where? Remotely?

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                    You can save/load your toolbar configuration via MBS Plugin functions on Mac.


                    This way you can load whatever configuration you need and show/hide buttons as needed in scripts.





                    PS: You can even have your own buttons.

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                      Another test (sorry on windows)


                      Open 2 files

                      Customize toolbar on 1st file. It is "application wide setting", but not affect another file (or another window of same file) already opened .

                      Close customized file, then close not affected file.

                      Then, toolbar is reset by 2nd file.


                      But this seems not FM14 specific behavior. I should customize it with opening only one window.


                      On windows, the setting is saved in registry

                      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\14.0\ToolBars\CommandBars-Controls

                      so, OSX may have it in plist.

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                        Just to re-awaken this thread: this has been happening to me too over the last few months, with some regularity. It's maddening. On the up side, I've gotten really good at manually putting it back how I want it to be. This happens in the absence of crashes, local use (no hosted files), stable machine, and this does not happen in any other application on the machine. Every other toolbar stays exactly as its told to be.


                        OSX 10.10.5



                        In trying to fix this, I read online about deleting the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.filemaker.client.advanced12.plist. I did note that the previous version of this file, com.filemaker.client.advanced.plist (which I assume supports FM7-11) was 12k, the com.filemaker.client.advanced12.plist file was a (comparatively) whopping 56k. Looking inside each, it did look like there was a lot of repetition happening inside there, so I quit FMA, made a backup of that file, deleted the original, and rebooted. All of my prefs had reset, as I expected - I had to put dialogs and basic stuff back where I wanted them, general stuff you have to do when you set up a new computer, and I lost all the saved expressions in Data Viewer, but not a big deal, and so far (weeks) that file is still only 23k. But the erratic toolbar behavior continues unabated.


                        I also get this other behavior once in a while, and I'm not sure if it's related or not, but since it has to do with control areas (toolbars, menus), I thought I'd toss it in the mix. Occasionally, the keyboard command for Layout Mode (disregard the current selection in the image, just look at the top 4 lines) will disappear. This is not a custom menu switch-out; I don't have any custom menus that don't contain Layout but DO contain the other three. And while a quit/restart or reboot will fix it, sometimes (and I've actually seen this happen) it will just re-appear on its own.


                        FMP missing Layout Menu Control.png


                        Anyone have any ideas or fixes on this yet?