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    DDR Error Message - SAXParseException


      Hi all,


      This just started happening to me after I upgraded to FM 14. I try to run a DDR, but get the following error message: SAXParseException: expected entity name for reference (Occurred in entity 'C:\Users\adesjarlais\AppData\Local\Temp\FMTEMPFM5604_5.tmp, at line 185322, column 21.).


      I've looked for this error in the forums and here on Technet and found some useful info, but here's the odd thing - if I try to go and look at the temp file, it isn't there.



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          I've run into dreaded SAXParseException errors many times when running DDR's, going back to FileMaker 12 days. Sometimes it's been an invalid character (like a "special character" within some fonts), that I was finally able to locate by opening the .tmp file using the text editor TextWrangler.


          It's been a while since I've seen one, but I do recall that the key was to locate and open that named .tmp file while the SAXParseException error dialog window is still around, and not after giving up on the DDR. Sure enough, the error is really contained in the exact line number that was reported.


          The fix is to then go back to the real source (for example, the field definition or the layout object in question, that was found in that line number), erase the text or delete the object, retype or recreate what you just removed, and then run a new DDR to see if you caught the culprit. Lots of trial and error, but you can look forward to the satisfaction of hunting down the problem and finally getting a "clean" DDR!


          Or, if the DDR ran without error on a very recent backup of your file, then you might be able to ascertain from that what recent addition you made to the schema might contain the SAXParseException problem -- if you can recall what you changed since the "good" version.


          Good luck.


            -- David

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            You get this message when there is something in the DDR that is invalid XML.  I've seen this happen in two places commonly :


            1) Ampersand "&" characters in Style names in 13, or "&" in a layout image name in 14.

            2) Odd high ascii characters in a field formatting, usually in the date formats.


            The & one is easy to explain how they got there and these should be encoded by the DDR process.  It seems they fixed the Style names on in 14, but broke the images one.  The high ascii thing I've never seen an explanation for, so no idea how they get there in the first place.


            To locate them, you need to run the XML DDR ( not the HTML one ) and then "validate" the XML files that are produced, locate the actual error item and layout, and then remove it from the original file.  I used a mac app called "TextMate" to do this, but it's also possible to do it via the command line.


            If any of that sounds difficult, I'd be happy to look at the DDR file for you and locate it, contact me directly.




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              Thanks David - someone posted the same thing to the FM Facebook group and I got it solved. Turned out to be an image with an ampersand in the name on a couple of layouts. Odd that I never had any trouble with it in earlier FM version...



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                Wonderful to hear, Angel — thanks for letting me know.


                     — David

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                  I noticed that your problem was solved and am only writing this post/reply to fill out the conversation for others looking for help in solving the problem.


                  A client recently encountered the error and while trying to generate an HTML version of the DDR. The DDR "looked" like it was created properly but was completely empty. From some tips from other posts we ran an XML version that DID have some information in it.


                  The error message we received gave us a clue as to where the error was. We opened the XML version of the DDR using a text editor and searched for the error text. For us it turned out to be a font called "DAVIDRegular" - something that thankfully was easy to find in the massive XML document. We scanned the XML text surrounding the "DAVIDRegular" text that we found and located a layout name. We went to the layout, changed the font, saved changes and the DDR (as HTML) ran properly.


                  Note that while the file was down, we saved as compacted and restarted the server as well since it hadn't been done in quite a while. We saved 30% on the file size and the Save As Compacted "rejiggered" (a technical term) the code and all is well!


                  Best to you,