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      Dear Experts,

      Thank you for your cooperation. Please allow me to ask the following question on RUNTIME FILE created by FM13 advanced.

      Background situation,

      A Quality control solution RUNTIME file created by FM13 advanced be provided to my customers. Of course, they cannot modify the solution file, and there is no need to worry about software licence problem. I, however, would like to modify the solution file along with the customer's request. In this process, I can charge the fee to the customer, My point is whether it's possible or not to modify the customer's file without the lost of the data which is already put on. I am the licence holder, so no problem should be occurred.

      Thank you in advance,

      Taguchi Shigeyuki

          Benjamin Fehr

          I see only 2 options to achieve this:

          - you have a data-separation-model where the programming, scripts, layouts is in 1 file (Main-File) AND the users data in a 2. file (Users-Data). With update, you only replace the main-File on customers solution.

          - your customers have a FMP-License installed so you can change programming on their solution.


          I guess you should look for informations about data-separation-model

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            Unless you removed the full access to your solution you still can open and edit it FileMaker. One of the files inside of the runtime folder is a Filemaker file with a different extension - .fmpur by default or whatever you called it when you build the runtime.

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              +1 to Nicolai.

              Data that is entered into a runtime is not ever lost unless the file is damaged or the records are deleted.

              Getting it out is another story.

              You can edit the run time solution ONLY IF you have full access to the file.

              If you selected "Remove admin access from files permanently" during the build runtime process then you can not edit the schema.

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                And leaving full access to a runtime file is a security concern... physical access to a file is one of the key points to attacking it.  With a runtime you are guaranteed that people have physical access to the file.


                I would think really really hard before I leave full access enabled in a runtime.

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                  Dear Experts,

                  Thank you for your reply to my question. I got to know the way I explained is viable.

                  This is all I want to know.

                  Very, very Thank you,

                  Taguchi Shigeyuki