[ANN] 24U offers audit service for existing FileMaker(R) solutions

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Prague, CZ -- July 1, 2015 -- 24U offers audit service for existing FileMaker(R) solutions


Managers and business owners can now easily order 24U's expert advice to have their internally developed FileMaker solution audited and prepare a sustainable long-term maintenance and development plan



24U's audit service includes all these:


- Familiarization with customer's solution to get needed knowledge

- Key process analysis to find out what’s really important for customer

- Summary of known issues to make sure that they're not underestimated

- Discovery of customer's environment to consider cost efficiency of proposed solutions

- Code review to give customer external opinion based on wide experiences

- Analysis by analytical tools to unveil issues which are hard to discover by eyes

- Written summary of discovered points possible to use as a ''to do'' list

- Risk evaluation of issues to set priorities and prevent largest potential damages first

- Solution proposal for discovered issues to ensure that the issues will never come back

- Proposal of long-term care to let customer focus on his business


Availability and Pricing


The audit service is being offered for a flat price of US$3777 when auditing a solution with one key user, extra US$377 is charged for each additional key user being interviewed.


More info about the service: http://www.24usoftware.com/SolutionAudit


Schedule a call: http://24usw.com/ttsales



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HOnza Koudelka

Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o.