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Re: FileMaker Server - updating IP address

Question asked by suesaunders on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by suesaunders

We have installed a new router with faster internet.  The new router requires the server computer to change its fixed IP address.  That I have done.  I now want the FileMaker Server 14 IP address to update.  I redeployed the server and the Web Server IP address have updated but only that address.


I do not want to reinstall the whole server software because it take hours to do all the setup.  Surely there is a way to update the IP address of the server machine?


I cannot find a solution on the internet nor in the manuals.


When I try to connect via FM Pro and open remote, the server shows but the installed databases do not show.  The only way that I can open the databases is by putting in the server address manually.


Susan Saunders