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    App on Apple App store being driven by FM Data.


      I certainly never set out to develop a FileMaker solution that would drive a publicly released vertical solution on the Apple App store, but I now have one going for a client.  Basically it is a combination of FileMaker, Word Press and MySQL.  FM does all the heavy syncing, continuous updating, and calcs, and MySQL stores the resulting data and is the forward facing database because it is faster at that.  Hopefully I can get the company to agree to release info about how it works, but it is pretty cool to be using an app on your iOS device and know all the data you are seeing is being put together with a FM server.  Sometimes I'm rather impressed with how FM gets used in ways that consumers have no idea what is behind their UI.


      I'm sure I'll hear more stories like this at Devcon.  It is always fun to see what all creative things are being done with FM that I have never even thought of.  Hope to see lots of you at Devcon!

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          Here is a link about an up coming Webinar using XOJO ios apps intergrated with FM giving by Tim Dietrich. 

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            Hey Taylor, FMP can do some real amazing things, often limited by our imaginations.  When it comes to getting FMP database content on the Apple and Android stores, we've been doing this for over a year now.  Many of our clients want their content on an actual app instead of a web app mostly because they can download it directly from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  They don't have to worry about infrastructure and change management is controlled by the processes demanded within those stores.


            We had one client who thought that using their web access version of FMP would help drive customers in but less than 40% of users use their traditional desktop browsers and only 14% use their mobile browsers but 85% will use a native app.  So we proposed that they take their FMP content, just the way the developed it without change and bring it on an actual app.  The response from their customers has been incredible.  All they had to do was place the Apple and Google icons on their store window and at the cash terminals and customers started to download the app.


            We have also a complete restaurant system in FMP that is totally mobile based, much like pizza pizza and so many others.  Performance has been terrific, less than .20 of a second when using Filemaker Server 12 on LTE and 3G is .59 so very respectable. 


            We've recently been trying FMS 14 and have submitted our first app to the Apple Store yesterday - it looks very promising especially with all the great features that FMP14 has although the performance is about double FMP12 so it's possible that Apple will reject it, but we've done everything we can based on our experience to get the app as clean as possible, so we'll see..  It should be reviewed by Thursday July 9th, so I'll let you all know the results at that time.


            Feel free to check out some of what we've done at our website www.appyourway.com.