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How to get the % of data that are 1*sigma (standard deviation) away from the average

Question asked by tai.jin on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by tai.jin

I have a Table A with a time field and a "value" field, with a lot of records, and a Table B with 3 records, where I want to store the average of the table A values during last month (M-1), M-2 and M-3, as well as the standard deviation for each month, and the percentage of records that are 1*sigma away from the average for each month. I related Table A with Table B by the month number and I managed to get the standard deviation of Table A::value for each month by stdev function. But how can I calculate the % of records 1*sigma away from the average?


I tried to add a field of calculation in table A which is abs(Table A::value - Table B::average), but it doesn't get any result. Maybe because the Table B:average is already a calculation of Table A related to Table B, so it can't be used in Table A?


Hope to get answer here. Thanks in advance.